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Demonstration video with teacher


Riff from general education program



Рифф из общей программы обучения


Solo from general education program



Соло из общей программы обучения



A little about what awaits you in my lessons:


- Correct position of left and right hands

guaranteed protection from getting injuries, sprains and other

 damages, and a strong foundation for mastering the main technical base!


- Development of technology

mastering the basic techniques of playing the electric guitar:

legato, alternate picking, bends and vibrato, sweep, hybrid picking and tapping;

developing a sense of rhythm, working on coordination, the quality of sound extraction, increasing endurance and speed,

gaining stability in the playing!


- The playing of riffs

this will include working on studying the rhythmic parts of famous bands and musicians,

and also learning how to play with drive and powerful attack!


- The playing of solo parts

we are going to work on the performance of solo parts in the styles: classical, blues, rock, metal, fusion!

if desired, you can develop in any of these styles separately or following the program,

get acquainted with everyone!


- Accord technology

this includes studying and supplementing your knowledge bag with a lot of beautifully sounding and original chords,

filling the surrounding space with their warm sound "taking the soul"!


- The study of the bases on the theory of music

in a relaxed atmosphere and without a headache,we can learn to see the notes on the

fretboard, the notes entering into each chord, we can also study intervals, scales, etc.!


- Development of hearing

learn to pick up tunes by ear, first simple, then more complex!

play the melodic phrases of famous guitarists and study their structure,

learn to play over the chords progression and compose you own parts!


- Improvisation



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